Mix With The Masters Experience Part 2

Ok, so having been recently re-inspired to continue with this blogging malarky by someone who was an actual person out there in www-land even though my very supportive wife had been trying to get me to write for ages bless her, but I wasn’t sure who was out there listening (reading!) to me.

I still find it quite difficult to generate enough content to get regular traffic to this site even though I’m constantly given advice on the subject. As I’ve said in previous posts I will try harder! It’s actually quite good timing as I have a little more time on my hands these days as most of the larger projects I’ve been working on have now come to a close or at least are fairly close to doing so.

Anyway, on with the subject at hand…

…Mix With The Masters.

After receiving the news that I’d been selected for the course I headed out to Provence, France. I arrived a day or so earlier so that I could catch up with some friends that live near-by to where the seminar was being held. After adjusting to the French way of life for a couple of days and chatting with friends and drinking copious amounts of wine, I was suitably ready to undertake this experience.

I was actually a little nervous as I didn’t know what to expect having never attended a pro-audio seminar before but my fears were quickly eased when I arrived at the local train for a shuttle to the studio. I was picked up with Paul Van de Geijn a dutch engineer and producer. It was a short journey to the studio and on arrival I was struck by the enormity of the place. Obviously the majority of the buildings are for the accommodation aspect of the studio, but it was still impressive nonetheless.

Upon settling into our surroundings there was a short meet and greet to get to know each of the other engineers outside in the sunshine in the well-kept and surprisingly extensive grounds. There were people literally from all over the globe. Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Slovenia, Belgium, Holland, Spain, France and more, but I’m struggling to remember!!

So after that brief introduction we were ready to meet the great man himself – Mr Eddie Kramer! We were ushered into the vast studio control room. I remember being quite nervous (understandably), Eddie gave a small greeting from our respective nations – a lovely touch. This immediately broke the ice and put everyone at ease, and also gave an indication that this was gonna be a very special week indeed.

So Eddie talked us through what the week would hold for us; there would be a band coming in that Eddie would track a couple of songs with and demonstrate some of his vast knowledge of mic selection and placement, mic-pre selection and gain staging. There are a few different environments to track in at Studio La Fabrique, and of varying sizes – the main tracking area off of the control room and a much larger unfinished area just off that, plus one of Eddie’s favourite space’s to utilise when tracking……a stairwell!!

Some of the details are a little sketchy after such a long while but I think the drums were the first thing that were set up. Several new approaches were explained by Eddie that I still use on a daily basis so just that small piece of information has practically justified the cost and choice to do the course.

So, there’s part 2 hope you found it intriguing and will continue to follow the story. I will endeavour to continue this over the coming weeks to keep up the momentum and interest.


Till next time.

Regards. Dave. x



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