I’m Dave Sanderson, a producer, studio engineer and mixing engineer based in Sheffield. If you’re looking to work with me on your next project contact me today or to find out more about my journey read my bio below. You can also see the full range of projects that I’ve worked on by visiting my portfolio page.

Where it began

My musical journey started at the age of around 9 when I decided that I wanted to play keyboards and be Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk! I then moved on to guitar around the age of 13 because keyboards really weren’t cool enough.

I performed in various bands from the age of 15 and played all over the country for the next few years until the studio began to intrigue me. Starting with cubase on an old Atari ST1040 and a couple of ancient midi modules I delved into the crazy world of production. This set up sufficed for a year or two until I joined forces with a local studio owner that was needing a little help and began to record local bands to gain experience. A notable act from around that time (2001) would be a UK hip hop collective called Hoodz Underground. I recorded and engineered several of their early releases and helped create a national following and many collaborations with hip hop artists from all over the UK.

This continued for roughly 3 years until the studio unfortunately came to an end. I then moved to another local studio to try to establish a client base.

Touring and a return to the studio

Around 2005 I was hired as the original guitar player for a new unnamed band (later to be called Reverend and the Makers) I played a few tours with them before parting company and going back to studio life.

This time the studio proved to be much more of a viable proposition as I began to work alongside Alan Smyth of 2fly studios who had a wealth of experience and notable credits such as Pulp and The Arctic Monkeys for which Alan attracted a lot of the local band work. It’s here over the next 10 years that I really honed my skills worked with literally 100s of bands and artists. I managed to also have some relatively moderate success with a few of the artists that came through the doors here too.

I became a freelance producer in 2015 after gaining a UK top 20 album with Reverend And The Makers 5th album ‘Mirrors’. I was also looking for new challenges and wanted to move away from the Sheffield scene at this time mainly due to becoming a father and not having the flexibility to dedicate 10-12 hours everyday to studio sessions.

At the start of 2015 I was also heavily involved in the development of the soundtrack album for the computer game ‘No Man’s Sky’ with long time clients 65daysofstatic for whom I’d produced several of their more recent records. This was a very different and fulfilling project and gained great critical acclaim.

Freelance projects and recent success

Following this I invested in a small amount of equipment to allow me to mix at home and develop my mixing skills as well as be able to offer artists more flexible financial options without the studio rate overhead. I began to work in a more online/remote capacity acquiring more mixing work through my back catalogue and building relationships with more people in music management and record labels in order to raise my profile within the industry.

In late 2016 I travelled to Thailand with Reverend and The Makers to produce their 6th album ‘Death Of A King’ this was released roughly a year later and achieved a UK Album chart position of 11.

I am continually looking for artists and bands to both produce and mix and pride myself on being focused on the vision of the client and will work tirelessly to achieve the desired outcome.

In the summer of 2013 I did an interview for  Computer Music Magazine for a home recording special. This is the result. I was in some rather esteemed company for this feature (the legend that is Steve Albini for one!!).

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