“Making my most recent album has been a highlight of my career so far, partly due to the experience of working with Dave Sanderson on this record, for whom I was working with on a full project for the first time. I cannot overstate how much care and attention Dave gave to the songs on this album, and I can say without doubt that it would have been a poorer product had I worked with anyone else.

Throughout the recording process, Dave has been a creative, dependable and focused force, using his vast expertise and experience to help me to develop my songs into the very album I wanted to make. Going beyond the role of engineer or producer, the support I have received from Dave has extended beyond the studio, providing me with industry advice and supporting statements in funding applications.” ~ Nat Johnson website

“Dave was a brilliant producer/engineer to work with demonstrating great knowledge and experience in his craft and equipment. He was hugely accommodating, patient, challenging and honest which we found absolutely invaluable giving that recording our debut album was our first experience in a studio. You could tell Dave had spent time listening to our demo tracks to get a feel for the band and the sound we wanted and ultimately this helped us get the best takes we could in a short amount of time.

Dave provided advice, support and a keen commitment throughout the whole mixing process and we honestly don’t think he could have done more to get the tracks sounding exactly how we envisaged. A total pleasure to work with and would definitely recommend his services to others – we certainly hope to cross paths again in the future!” Mouses

“When we first worked with Dave he nurtured what little material we had, and encouraged our creative freedom and passion for unorthodox methods to an incredibly successful and surprising outcome within our first two days – something which hooked us. We all recall sitting in one of our cars and being ecstatic with the difference between our input and the eventual output of the session. After this, we have recorded a full album and a mini album with him and numerous demos since.

Dave has an acute and often obsessional focus on getting his, and our work ‘right’. This due care in turn helped us get our first record deal and distribution, making him partially responsible for any exposure, fanbase we have gathered since. Our only fear is living up to our records in a live situation!” ~ Hey Sholay website

“Knowing that Dave Sanderson is at the desk, taking care of all the mechanics/logistics of recording and engineering not only allows us to follow up on half-formed ideas in a way that we wouldn’t be able to do to a high enough quality in our rehearsal room, it also means that Dave can bring a fresh set of ideas (and ears) to what is going on. To have somebody who understands your end goal but wouldn’t always approach it in the same way and isn’t afraid to say so can be such a powerful thing creatively. The best experiences we have working with Dave/2fly could maybe even be described as conflicts, but would never feel that way at the time, because it’s always about achieving the best possible end result.

Often with Dave it’s not necessarily a producer role (although it’s usually this as well) but something more like getting a project-manager thrown in to the deal. As long as we’ve discussed with Dave ahead of time what we want (or need) to achieve in the time we have, there’s a real luxury for us in being allowed to not focus on time management/the list of things we need to get through. We manage to strike a great balance of having the freedom to go off on tangents that often result in unexpected but great new ideas, but always leaving with what we went in for, even if all those tangents went nowhere.” ~ 65daysofstatic website

“David has been a crucial part in helping to develop and hone my albums (2 to date, so far), and has helped me to discover and create a sound that is unique to myself, both his production and engineering talents have been invaluable in allowing me to progress with this journey. Along the way both the studio and David have put me in touch with various other musicians to help me achieve the sounds and ideas that are in my head, some of these recording sessions have gone on way into the night and way past what would be expected.

David is himself a very talented musician who can bring an awful lot to the any session. I have no doubt in my mind that without David Sanderson and 2FLY studios I would not have been lucky enough to have landed 8 TV and Film placements in the United Sates of America and 2 top 100 US songs.” ~ David J. Roch website

“Dave is an intelligent, tireless and creative producer/engineer and one of the best I’ve worked with. Technically brilliant he is also blessed with inherent musicality and a fine critical ear. Working with him I felt supported, challenged and inspired. I cannot recommend his services highly enough” ~ Dave Woodcock (Dave Woodcock & the Dead Comedians)

“We worked with Dave in 2014 to record our E.P. “Heavier than Elephants”. Dave produced and contributed to the final recordings. His work was professional, focused and we were delighted with the final product. Dave was happy to voice an opinion or to take a step back depending on how we wanted to finish our songs. Having read Dave’s blog before attending his studio, I felt more prepared and that we could utilize our time in the studio. An extremely fair price for the high quality of the final product we left out with. Fountain of musical knowledge and very easy to work with….” ~ Dave Murphy- (Spit n Strings)

“We have used Dave’s services skills for quite a few years now and it’s safe to say he is one of the rare diamonds in the ruff. His level to detail is undeniably impressive. As well as being extremely professional, he will go the extra mile to ensure what he works on can (and does) sound the best that is possible. A true gent with an incredible passion and skill for what he does. I cannot recommend him enough.” ~ Leeroy Powell (Owner of Itchy Pig Records)

“Dave worked against the clock with this project, delivering some stunning mixes. I was sending him takes as I completed them, which he incorporated into the mix as I went along, so I was really impressed with his efficiency. The standout mixes were Beachcomb You’re Alone, where he mashed up my drum loop to sound ‘crunchy’ and expertly altered the sonic textures to suit the psychedelic effect I was looking for.

Then on an ‘epic’ 10-minute piece called That Dream You Live, Dave managed to frame off the distinct sections of the song, merging two of them by keeping a discordant organ chord in the mix which really gave it a ‘colour’, or mood, that I was looking for. I’m impressed by the way he seemed to tap into my songwriting and style. I will definitely be using his services again!” ~ Syd Hux (Singer/songwriter) sydhuxandthemovingsands.bandcamp.com

“Having first worked with Dave in 2011 for our first EP, we were so impressed with his work ethic and the finished result of a relatively short recording session that we returned to him for our two full-length albums in 2012 and 2014. Over the course of these two recording sessions (the second being a consecutive twelve day stretch) Dave demonstrated the same focus, patience, consistency and wide range of abilities that prompted our return.

On several occasions, Dave’s musical background and varied taste allowed for interesting and often leftfield contributions to the construction and instrumentation of the songs. He relished the challenging foundations of our relatively niche genre of music as an opportunity to further his own knowledge and abilities. He also frequently demonstrated a sense of personal investment in making the best album he could for us. As a result, we would recommend Dave to any open-minded band, who are prepared to commit at least the same amount as much effort as he does.” ~ Gilmore Trail website

“Dave was definitely the right guy to mix Yakobo’s EPs. Not only did he understand the creative direction and make mixes that sound tight and professional, but he brought out a lot of character and made some real creative choices with the songs which took them to the next level. We will be using Dave again without doubt.” ~ Yakobo

“Dave Sanderson is an engineer/producer I worked with on numerous projects over the last 6 years. I have always enjoyed his company not only as a professional engineer but as what you could call a “studio mate”. We always have a good laugh as well as serious talks whether that be about life or music and I feel it always adds something special to the sessions we partake in. He is a very relaxed, thoughtful and straight forward individual who always seeks out the best in any given project.
When you enter certain studios they look on your project as a “genre” but Dave looks at the project as music. And this is one of the key factors of why I’ve returned to Dave on many occasions.

I always believed in having a crisp clean mix which is presentable for the end user and my first independent release The “MVP” Project (Nov 2015) was just that. Dave took the time to bring out the character and flow of the project and this has earned us a fair few airplays on local & national radio stations. Two tracks in particular that are continually growing in popularity are “We Run This” & “Hold It Down”.

Dave is also a growing book of knowledge and is open to share any information that he feels will help you on your way.

I have read a few testimonials about Dave and one of his traits is that he will ‘go the extra mile’ to make sure you are satisfied with the end product.

If there is one last thing I could say about Dave is that he is extremely good at what he does”. J. Kas (Sheffield Hip-Hop Artist)

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