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Whether you’re looking to get your home-recorded demos mixed professionally or you need to tighten up a studio project my remote mixing service is ideal for clients that can’t attend a mixing session. Communication is key to understanding what an artist and mix needs to convey and my mixing approach has been developed working for many years on a varied range of projects to achieve that outcome.

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The Importance Of A Good Mix

A “mix” in its simplest form is a balance of all the recorded instruments and vocals contained in an arrangement of a song. This could range from a single spoken word track to 300+ tracks of audio for say a film score or huge pop production. Most songs these days (if a fairly typical size production) tend to be somewhere between 5 and 50 tracks. The individual tracks are then volume and frequency balanced using a number of different approaches and techniques in order to produce the most appropriate result for the artist and the song.f

What makes a “good” mix?

This is an incredibly subjective topic. Firstly, a good mix DOES NOT necessarily mean a clean, nicely separated punchy mix. Sometimes a muddy, thick sounding mix with little definition may be the way the particular song needs to sound or if the artist/band wants this kind of sound. Of course, the sound or specific sonic aesthetic of the mix should be discussed at length before the mix process begins so that both mixer and artist can articulate their expectations and reach an agreed outcome.

What Do You Get From Working With Me As Your Mix Engineer?

My aim with every project I mix is to liaise with the artist/band and/or producer to try to understand what you ideally want to achieve.

I feel my role as a mixer is to not only realise the sound of the song but also the overall sonic perception of the production. Mixing is generally seen as the final creative stage in music production and one that is often overlooked in terms of importance. Invariably it should be undertaken by someone with enough relevant experience and taste so that the artists vision is delivered in the end result. This is even more crucial when the recording or production is less than ideal. A poorly recorded track for example may have some limiting factors to what can be achieved but, by using elements of the large range of techniques and experiences I have gathered over the years I always do the best I can with what’s presented to deliver a mix that reaches as close to what is intended as possible.

Previous Clients

Over the past decade or so I’ve had the pleasure of working with many outstanding artists and bands of differing styles and genres. Some of these bands have go on to reach a high level of success and critical acclaim. Bands and artists such as 65daysofstatic, Reverend and the Makers, Hey Sholay, The Payroll Union, Jim Jones Revue, Mike Hughes, Nat Johnson, David J Roch and Stephen Adams (Broken Family Band) plus 100’s more on a local and international level.

A Spotify playlist for examples can be accessed HERE

How Long Does The Mixing Service Take?

This can obviously vary considerably but I aim to turn round a mix in a day or two providing everything is in order and I can start mixing as soon as I receive the files or session. Sometimes if required I will add extra parts or replay certain elements if, once the track is heading towards completion something is quite obviously off in the production. I will undertake vocal tuning if necessary and also drum enhancement using samples too if the recording of the drums needs a little help.

Pricing And Quotation

Please contact me for more details on this but please be aware I’m here to add value to your project and that can take time, experience and perseverance which is not so easy to have a set fee for.

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