The Killing Jar – Black Moth

Engineering & Mixing

Full Album

The second record I worked on with Jim Sclavunos was late 2010. The first being ‘Skin and Bones’ by a Sheffield artist called David J Roch in 2009. Jim and I got on well and when asked to work alongside him on this project I dived at the chance.

Black Moth were from Leeds and were part of the heavier scene that was happening around 2006-2012. I had always loved that style of music but the Sheffield scene didn’t really have much of that back then so I found this project particularly appealing. Their music was heavy but musically also quite varied. They were a typical metal band but had something different to offer. More like the original meaning of heart metal from the early 70’s rather than the over processed metal from the early 2000’s.

Jim was producer on this and I was engineer. I remember there was a lot of experimentation especially with guitar sounds on this record and that for me being an ex-guitar player was very satisfying. From a song perspective Black Moth really had something different from the rest of the scene.