(((O))) - Hey Sholay


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I began working with Hey Sholay pretty much from their inception in 2008. We recorded together on and off for a few years. They released a couple of singles through different labels to see what worked and what didn’t. This album was put together from many of the recordings we’d made as demos over the course of working together.

Released in 2012, (((O))) was seen as a hugely interesting and encouraging body of work from a very exciting and individual band. Many of the techniques I used on this record were new to me so this is me learning on the job so to speak. That is one reason why this record is one of my most important ones to me.

It’s not the greatest sounding record but that’s how the band also wanted it to feel. Artistically they wanted something that didn’t sound too forced or polished as a first release. This was something at first I was unsure of but in hindsight I believe this was the correct decision and one that I’ve encountered a few times since. In this technologically savvy world we live in it’s nice to sometimes not have everything so loud, punchy and blasting your face off so we’re able to see the subtlety, charm and vulnerability of the art form.

(((O))) – Hey Sholay

Producer & Engineer

Soundtrack Album

This was my fifth record with 65daysofstatic and it was very different compared to the previous ones. This album made up the soundtrack for PS4 game ‘No Man’s Sky’ and the band were in uncharted territory in terms of how to write for the medium. Even though soundtracking was the perfect direction for the band and their music the responsibility and size of this project weighed quite heavily.

At the time of recording the band didn’t have everything completely written and mapped out as they had with previous records. There were lots of bits of things but nothing that was ultimately “finished”. So, much of this record was a new way of working for them.

I had to really draw out of them collectively what they wanted from each piece. Sometimes arranging and suggesting parts or direction. There was so much experimenting on this record – far more than any of the others to date. The form of the record took shape over the 2 weeks we took to record it finally taking form as a fairly traditional soundtrack album but one that to me and many others surpasses the project it was meant to soundtrack.