Burning Your House Down – Jim Jones Revue


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I was drafted in to this project by Jim Sclavunos, drummer with Nick Cave and Grinderman (and many more), to engineer the mix. It was started in a studio in Brixton then moved to a studio in Kentish Town in London. This was quite an eye opening record for me.

Jim Jones, the bands frontman, was a very experienced performer and had been in several pretty successful bands prior to ‘The Revue’. He knew exactly what he wanted the record to sound like. Their previous record was a fairly insane exciting sounding but ultimately somewhat too aggressive sounding for the mainstream so they were trying to achieve a sound with similar power but a little more accessible.

Both Jim’s taught me some valuable lessons on this record. The first was how to listen to the artist and the second was how to push things much further than I previously thought possible. However, now when I listen this record I think it could’ve actually gone slightly further and still been as accessible.