Mirrors – Reverend and The Makers

Producer, Engineer & additional instruments

Full Album

Mirrors was Reverend and The Makers 5th album and it marked a return to the “band” type of production that embodied their earlier albums and a departure from the more programmed sound of their last couple of albums. For this one they wanted a much more eclectic and free sounding recording. Something with few limits and boundaries, but one that still hung together both sonically and musically.

One of the things that was really great for me about this record was the personal circumstances members of the band and I were facing. Basically, we were all expecting our first children within months of each other and as I had previously had a long relationship with the band this record was a wonderful way of growing and understanding life’s twists and turns.

I was the main producer and engineer on this record with Alan Smyth providing much support and some pretty awesome string arrangements too.

We worked very hard on the way the record was going to flow from one song to the next and come mix time the band jetted off for Jamaica and mixed the record with their long time collaborator the producer Youth.

The album charted in the UK at #16 in 2015 providing me as producer with my first UK Top 20 album.