Paris of America – The Payroll Union

Producer, Engineer & Mixing

Full Album

The Payroll Union were a band I’d been aware of for some time as some of my friends had previously recorded them. Alan Smyth being one of them. I found their music really interesting especially lyrically so when asked to produce their 2nd full length album I was quite pleased but also apprehensive.

Apprehensive because the music was quite intricate and the subject matter of this album in particular was very historical in nature and somehow the production needed to reflect that but still feel modern and vibrant. The tracking of this record was done in 2fly Studio Sheffield a place that I knew well.

Although some of the songs were long the performances from all band members were tight and to the point. No excess instrumentation on anything, it all worked great. This was one of the first records I mixed at home as I wanted to be fully immersed in the moment and do it when inspired so at times I’d get up in the middle of the night and work on it.