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As a freelance music producer I can help a range of artists spanning a variety of genres realise their recording project. If you’d like to get in touch to see what I can bring to your next project, contact me today. Whether you’re unsure what a producer offers or want to know more about the project, read on.

What Is Production?

Production often refers to the overall ‘sound’ or direction of recorded material. The direction of the material and the people involved in it is generally overseen by (you guessed it) a Producer.

A key aspect of the producer artist relationship is trust. An artist has to have complete faith that their producer can get the best out of them, their band and their material. Trust is gained through communication and a shared passion for the project.

The producer is also the person in charge of making sure the project comes in on time and on budget and ticks all the boxes the artist, label and/or management require of it. There maybe several other roles the producer takes care of within the context of a project.

For instance many producers nowadays also engineer recording sessions.

This is sometimes due to financial restrictions and sometimes because that is how they feel they can best serve the project. Many producers are comfortable being hands on and making sonic choices as well as musical ones even though it can be quite a challenge in certain situations i.e. when dealing with many musicians at once.

Regardless of how simple or complex the song, how few or how many parts it has, the way a song is recorded/captured is key to getting an audience to appreciate and to a certain extent understand the production. The producer is aware of this and will direct and instruct the performers accordingly to enable the production to indicate the feel and emotion of the song.

What Do I Do Differently To Other Producers?

Hopefully, the answer to this is nothing!! Not that I don’t do anything! just anything different!

A good producer to me is one that knows what to do and when. Ultimately I aim to bring confidence and focus to a project using my knowledge and experience to allow the band or artist to create the best product they possibly can.

There are several facets to the production process itself. One of the main considerations is paying attention to the genre. The production of a song is often dictated by the specific elements of the genre the artist wants to present themselves in. As implied above, different genres or styles have quite different approaches in feel, instrumentation, arrangement and other components therefore as a producer you need to be aware of these differences and base decisions accordingly.

What genres have I produced?

Personally, I have worked across the board when it comes to genre. I am certainly not dedicated to any particular genre but I do happen to have had experience of many of the most popular ones. I have also been a musician for most of my life so I feel I’m in a good position to understand them from a musical perspective as well as a technical one as in not only how they are meant to sound but how they are played and audience expectation.

Some of the artists that I’ve worked with can be seen on my portfolio.

How can you prepare for a production session?

In the past some of the bands and artists I’ve worked with didn’t have a great deal of experience in the studio. On these occasions it’s important I provide any help with the songs arrangement and parts if I feel something isn’t quite working. Similarly, if something isn’t quite working on a sonic level I can offer my experience and try to talk you through how this might sound on record.

These types of issues can sometimes be dealt with at the pre-production stage. This means that when it comes to the actual recording time the production can move forward. I feel pre-production is a vital part of the process and one that is often either forgotten or not utilised in the most effective way.

You can read more about pre-production in my blog on the subject.

How can I help you get the most from your recording session?

There are a number of ways that I can help you get the most from your recording session, from improving vocals to helping you reinvent the structure. The first thing to remember is that the artist and player have to be in agreement that there is an issue in the first place. However, I’m here to help guide you and provide you with an outlet to bounce ideas. I’m also there to make sure the project is how you envisioned it and ensure it reaches its full potential.

Lyrical content for example, is something that is very difficult to get right especially for less experienced artists so I’m happy to address a range of issues to help flow and annunciation. After all, the vocal is really the most important aspect of most musical genres.

Can you help me perform music if I’m a solo artist?

Throughout the course of my time in production I have produced and arranged full tracks for solo artists if they aren’t able to create the music themselves. This would mainly be DAW (digital audio workstation) based but often I will utilise session musicians to create the arrangement. This can be a very fulfilling way of working but can also be a quite expensive way.

Where do I operate as a freelance music producer?

A fully equipped recording studio isn’t always necessary these days due to recording technology becoming more affordable and relatively mobile. With this in mind I may occasionally work in a more obscure location may even search for a suitable space for the production to take place.

Mainly I will recommend a suitable studio for the project that you’re currently working on and within your price budget. I’ve worked as a freelance music producer in a range of studios, in locations from Sheffield to Thailand.

What Does It Cost?

With all production projects, the cost varies depending on the artist and the vision. If the band are well rehearsed and have the arrangement and parts nailed and know what they want to achieve it could be significantly less time than a solo artist with no pre-prepared music looking to me to produce a song or full album from scratch.

As you can imagine the variables are so many it has to be discussed at length before the project gets underway. I will take all these variables and scenarios into consideration before submitting a quote. Contact me today to discuss your project.

If I’m required to engineer and produce a session an agreed day rate may be the best way to go for this part of the project. If the project then needs mixing that should be discussed either during or perhaps after production completion.

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